Scheduled Service & fixing before issues can arise

Pete Koot

Service Manager

Here at Lely Center Woodstock (LCW) we plan to continue our focus on friendly, timely and knowledgeable service going forward in 2017. To do this we ask you, the end user, to consider the following

a) Emergency or Scheduled Service? For all emergency service please call 1-877-470-0004 and a technician will assist you. When calling the office please note you’re calling for scheduled service and will have the next available technician scheduled.

b) Have the robot identifier (Robot 1, Robot 3, North Discovery, etc.) and description of symptoms ready.

c) Record the alarm the robot is giving.

d) We strive to provide timely service for all customers but at 8:00 a.m. weekday mornings the service team is scheduled and in the field. Our ability to respond to non-emergency issues same-day is limited; especially on Fridays.

e) The best offense is a good defense – On-time maintenance, cleanly farms and strong communication regarding issues can all lead to less problems overall on farms!

Preventive Maintenance

At Lely Center Woodstock it is our goal to fix small problems before they become larger ones. Nothing achieves that goal better than our regularly
scheduled maintenance service. We do a maintenance every four months on the A4 and every three months on the A3. During these regular maintenance visits we change out a different set of parts before they wear out, as well as watch for anything that may be outside of the ordinary operation parameters of the robot. These visits with a trained technician are the most important focus of our service department. Quite often we find these small problems before they cause a failure. It is important to keep these machines running in peak conditions 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Nothing achieves that goal more than regularly scheduled maintenance.

Chemical and Service

Lely Center Woodstock is providing our customers with an improved level of service for delivery of chemicals and consumables.

Delivery is on a regular scheduled route which we currently maintain 11 routes (6 for Lely Center Woodstock, 5 for Grand River Robotics).

24 Hour Emergency Service

This is for emergencies only.

Emergency Service Hotline: 1.877.470.0004
If your call is not answered by a technician, please follow these steps:
1. Please leave a clear message stating your name and the time you called
2. If you do not receive a call back within ten minutes, call a second time.
3. If, after a third attempt you do not reach a technician call 1.519.535.9009.

Then a technician will be dispatched.

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