Improve efficiency, maximize cow comfort and manage your herd on a per-cow basis with Lely’s Astronaut robotic milking system and other innovative barn products. Learn more about these products here, and how they can work together to create a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future on your farm.



Obtain the perfect dry-matter content in your crops quickly by speeding up the drying process. By doing so, you influence the consistency and the quality of your silage. High capacity tedders give you the chance to react quickly to the drying process of your crops.



Rake your crops as neatly as possible into the perfect swath. Neat crops minimise undesirable mould and bacteria in the feed and ash in the cows’ rumen. A consistent swath with the right shape and width results in high pick-up capacity, good output and a precise cutting action. This creates the optimal conditions for balers, loader wagons and forage harvesters.



The best harvest is obtained by mowing at the right time. This is how you determine the energy, nutrients and structure of the crops based on your animals’ feed requirements. The capacity of the mower determines the quantity of feed that you can harvest at any given time.



Good and consistent compacting speeds up the start of the fermentation process. This is how you retain the crops’ essential nutrients for the best-quality feed. High-density bales contain more crops, thereby saving you work, material costs and storage space.



Preserve the quality of your crops and minimise heat and oxygen damage. By wrapping the bales of crops as quickly as possible, you do not give oxygen the chance to contaminate the fermentation process. Combined with the right amount of foil layers, the quality of the feed is preserved for a long time.



Providing the right individual care of cows improves the performance of the group as a whole. With optimal barn design focusing on the cows, you create an animal-friendly environment that is conducive to cow health and well-being. The barn will prevent health issues and promote cow comfort.

Free Lely On-Site Farm Assessment

A farm assessment from Lely requires no commitment. It’s an opportunity to learn how a Lely system could benefit you and your dairy operation. Whether it is decisions about barn layout, retro-fit versus new construction, or equipment needs, Lely works with you every step of the way. Lely has assisted dairy producers in setting up every size of milking operation and will help you design an optimal system based on the way you want to manage your dairy.

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